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Yosef Avrahami

President / Owner


Mr. Yosef Avrahami founded Yosef Avrahami, Inc. General Contractors as the fulfillment of a boyhood dream that started with building bungalows and carving driftwood on the beaches of Tel Aviv, Israel. A natural craftsman and artist Mr. Yosef Avrahami or “Yossi” as he is fondly known by his clients and friends completed technical training at the Tur Malka Vocational School. Before arriving in the United States, Mr. Avrahami spent several years working in the heavy construction trades in Israel. Today, Mr. Avrahami spends his time negotiating with vendors and sub-contractors to ensure the highest quality of work for the best price – and passing on those savings to his clients. Additionally, Mr. Avrahami spends his days speaking with clients to understand their needs and answering any questions that they may have regarding any aspect of job – turning clients’ dreams into reality. Mr. Avrahami is the proud father of four children and 18 grandchildren and enjoys taking daily walks around the neighborhood with friends and family.


Shmuel Avrahami

Business Manager / Roughing Contractor


Mr. Shmuel Avrahami began working with Yosef Avrahami, Inc. as a teenager, accompanying his father to job sites, during his vacations from school. Before joining Yosef Avrahami, Inc, Shmuel spent several years on Wall Street as a healthcare analyst preparing him to effectively manage the family business as well as identifying and analyzing building sites for value and opportunities for expansion. It has also prepared him in helping clients negotiate with banks and insurance companies to secure funds for their clients' projects. In addition to his fiscal responsibilities, Shmuel spends his days meeting with clients, answering any questions they may have, helping clients chose tiles or other fixtures and finishes as well as managing the overall project to ensure timely completion. Shmuel holds a BA in Economics from The University of Maryland and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. He is a proud father of seven and lives with his wife in New Jersey.





Amichai Avrahami, Of Blessed Memory

Marketing Manager / Finishing Contractor


Mr. Amichai Avrahami began working with Yosef Avrahami Inc, alongside his father and brother, Shmuel, as a teenager. His love of the business propelled him to earn a Masters degree in Construction Management from New York University providing him with the expertise needed to integrate multiple professional requirements for bringing construction projects to successful completion including estimating costs, introducing new technologies, project planning and scheduling. His attention to detail, daily management of each project and meeting deadlines have become synonymous with Yosef Avrahami, Inc.. Unfortunately, Amichai passed away in 2018 after a long battle with Cancer. The standards Amichai set, within the family business, of quality, customer service and ethical behavior continue as a living memorial to his good name. Amichai is survived by his seven children and loving wife, who continues to contribute to the family business as part of the office staff.

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